As soon as our bundle of joy gets delivered to your hands, it’s time to put it in the water. And if you love it as much as we do, here are a few steps to keep your flowers fresh.

A place of their own

Each bouquet is made to be a simple, yet eye catching element of beauty in your home or office. And because we design them to be unique every time, picking a place for them can be fun. Let your creativity flow, by exploring color and texture combinations between flowers and a vase. When arranging it, just remember to keep it tied so to not undo the design.

Be mindful of where you place them and you’ll keep your flowers fresh day after day. Look for a cool and ventilated spot, away from direct sunlight. Because cut flowers are a bit more sensitive, every extra care you give them makes a difference.

Essential tips to keep cut flowers fresh

Once your bouquet arrives, the first step is to cut the stems. Try to do it at an angle and get a precise cut of at least 2cm. In that way you’ll avoid getting the stems crushed or clogged, and allow them to drink effortlessly. They will also do it more efficiently, if you put them in room-temperature water the first time. From then on, they will appreciate a change of water and a trim of the stems every two days.

Keep in mind that the cooler the water, the longer your bouquet will last. This happens because warm water quickly goes up the stems, giving the flowers an instant boost by accelerating the blooming process.

Another important care is to never let the leaves touch the water. You’ll want to keep your flowers fresh in a clean and bacteria-free environment. So remove any foliage that floats, making sure your hands are clean too.

Uniquely beautiful: how much water does your bouquet need

To preserve the beauty of your bouquet, first you need to take a good look at it. Take note of the flowers and greens in it, for each species has its own needs. Allow yourself a moment to get back in touch with nature, by appreciating its twists and singularities.

Flowers with woody stems

If you see hydrangea, lilacs or roses in your bouquet, you can top up your vase with 2/3rds water. These flowers all have woody stems, and getting their share of water can be challenging. So, to balance the intake from petals and leaves, we cut any extra foliage off the stem.

Flowers with soft stems

Most spring flowers have soft, green stems. Think tulips, lilies and lupines for example. To keep these flowers fresh, simply place them in a half full vase. And remember to handle with care, as they bruise more easily.

Remember though, that your bespoke bouquet by The Florist will carry a variety of flowers, some with soft and others with woody stems. For this particular case, renewing the water every two days is essential. Just trim the stems, remove any excessive foliage, top up your vase with 1/3rdwater and you’re good to go!

Taking care of your bouquet not only keeps your flowers fresh, it can also be your daily moment to unwind and get in touch with nature.

Author Aline Borges

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