If you love flowers as much as we do, it is only natural that you will start wondering about designing your own bouquets. We want to inspire you through our vision and help awaken your senses.

Join us in one of our floristry workshops, and release your creativity. They are available to small groups or private clients. Our classes will give you the skills and inspiration to make the most of your flowers. Our flower stylist Aline Borges and her team will share with you their passion for design, with a Brazilian tropical flair.

Keep an eye out for all upcoming events, at our calendar and social media. Or simply leave your Email below to receive our news. And if you’re thinking of a custom workshop with your friends in a special location, get in touch and we’ll go through the details.

Meet Aline, the Florist

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    We are a flower studio based in Zürich, specialising in seasonal flowers bouquets and unique floral designs. Each is made upon demand, with only the freshest seasonal blooms.

    Here the flowers are for your every day and special occasions. We focus on what’s in season. Bringing you the freshest, most interesting, beautiful and long-lasting flowers of the day, wrapped with care.

    Be surprised by the unexpected or pick a bouquet to brighten up someone’s day. We would love you to become part of our journey.


    Meet Aline, The Florist