I am delighted to announce the launch of The Florist.

I’ve always had a desire to create beautiful things. It all started with my experience working for fashion magazines in Brazil for several years. Flowers came naturally to my mind as a new path. I always loved them and I think they are the ultimate express​ion of beauty, to which no one stays indifferent to. So after studying the art of floristry in London, I have plenty of meaningful creations to share.

The Florist is here to inspire you with a gift from nature, surprising you every time. Let the unexpected shades and textures, awaken your senses. By hand picking seasonal blooms, I want to make sure that nature’s own rhythm is preserved. You can only find us online, we are a studio based in Zurich, but if you have any special request let me know what you are looking for and we’ll go from there. We believe that this way, you get only the freshest and nothing goes to waste.

Take a moment to appreciate the natural beauty, delivered right to your doorstep or your beloved ones. Subscribe to receive a composition every week, fortnightly or every month. And if you have an event coming up or a special window shop in mind, leave all things floral to me. Either way, each will have a unique story to tell. Everything is possible when it comes to flowers.

And remember, your home is your oasis, so embrace the raw and wild elements to unwind at the end of a fast-paced day.
Get in touch with nature every single day.

Welcome to The Florist​

Author Aline Borges

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